Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spanish Potatoes - A quick appetizer!

If you want to astound your family/ guests with great food, start with the best appetizer! Who doesn't love potatoes? How about oven-roasted potatoes? You know where I'm coming to...:)

Spanish Potatoes

This Is All You Need -

2 Potatoes
1 Green Bellpepper/Capsicum
1 tbsp Tabasco sauce (you could increase/reduce this to suit your palate!)
1 garlic clove
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1 tbsp Olive oil
Some Salt and Pepper to taste

Tabasco sauce with Garlic

How To -

  • Cook potatoes for exactly 10 minutes (so that they don't get over-cooked) in a pot with water to cover them.
  • Peel potatoes cooked al-dente and cube them into uniform size.
  • Chop capcicum/bell pepper into fairly large squares.

  • Take a bowl, pour olive oil, add the veggies, sprinkle cinnamon and cumin powder and mix well. Pour the Tabasco sauce and mix (I used Tabasco sauce with garlic in it, so omitted the fresh garlic; You could mince garlic fine and add at this stage). Season with salt and pepper.

Olive oil, Potatoes , cinnamon and cumin powder

Added capsicum, salt and pepper

Mix once and pour Tabasco sauce and mix again

  • Bake for about 10-15 minutes at 180 deg Celsius until potatoes are reddish-brown and well-roasted.

Ready to go in, place each cube separately to get well-roasted

Enjoy while still warm from the oven, just like you relish potato wedges or fries. This one, being baked is infact better!

For kids who find this too hot n spicy, serve with tomato ketch-up :)

This is my entry to Bake-Fest #2 conducted by Sangeetha.

And to Healthy Cooking Challenge - Movie Time Snacks hosted by Vidhya and Rekha.


  1. wow!!This is not only quick,it is healthy too

  2. That was quick:-) Simple and yummy starter..I hav a bottle of tabasco in refrigerator..Sure will try this:-)

  3. Reminds me of tapas in Spain; would be a hit in this potato lover home.

  4. haha....sometimes when I find things a little too hot, I dip it in heaps of tomato sauce!! These potatoes look super tasty, I'm sure I'd love them though- even if they might be a little hot for my tastes ;)

  5. S super duper hit appetiser for sure

  6. Loved the potatoes. Book marking it :)

  7. I am a potato lover and like to have potatoes in any recipe and form. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. It can become a side dish for the lunch menu.


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