Monday, November 7, 2011

Chinese Fried rice (Vegan) - The original way

A little background about Chinese Fried Rice: It evolved as a way to use up left-over rice and hence, it's still considered informal (in some parts of China) to serve Fried Rice to guests. There's no strict formula for fried rice and it can be done with whatever veggies (and meat) are available.

I got the recipe from a Chinese colleague (she's a fantastic cook!), so its gotta be as authentic as it is. Here are her tips : 

  1. DO NOT use freshly cooked rice. For best results, use rice that has been sitting in the fridge for atleast a few hours. (If you're using fresh rice, let it cool down by spreading it on a greased plate so that the grains don't stick to each other).
  2. Start with garlic but NO onions.
  3. Add mushrooms, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, celery, peas, beans. Garnish with spring onions.
  4. Spices - only soy sauce, salt and pepper. 

Chinese Fried Rice

Egg is also good to add, but I haven't used any. Knowing me, she specifically emphasized that no Indian spice powders are to be added :)

Here's the recipe, in pictures this time :)

Veggies chopped and ready

A closer look at Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are actually from Green Mung beans. When the sprouts become very long, the nutrients in the bean itself are almost reduced to nil, which is why you see only the sprouts. These are extensively used in Asian cuisine and are easily available in super-markets here. They are thick and crunchy and quick to cook! Sprouts are an inexpensive way of obtaining a concentration of vitamins, mineral and enzymes, without the risk of harmful insecticides. 

Heat a little oil in a wok/deep pan and fry garlic

Chopped beans

Bean sprouts


Shredded Carrots

Green peas

Rice , from the fridge

So far...
The veggies are first stir-fried in a wok and then seasoned with soy sauce.
=> Increase heat to high and then add Soy Sauce (~1 tbsp). Quickly stir in cold rice (while heat is on HIGH) and toss with the veggies.

I have used dark soy sauce and hence the dark tone you see here, in the fried rice. You could use light soy sauce too. Start with 1 tablespoon, taste and add more, if you want. Soy sauce generally is very salty (that you hardly need any extra salt) but there are also low-sodium versions available these days. Adjust salt and pepper, after tasting.

Be vigilant to pick the bottle that does not come with MSG aka Ajinomoto. I tend to avoid MSG as much as possible; over the years, it's bad for your health, in many ways.  Most restaurants do add atleast 1/2 teaspoon of Ajinomoto and hence their food tastes remarkably wonderful! :) 

Finally, Garnish with Spring onions/ Green onions.

Spring Onions for garnish

Yummy Chinese Fried Rice - a complete meal!

This is a quick meal, complete by itself! All it takes is about 15 minutes, including time to chop the veggies! :)


  1. Delicious n flavorful fried rice..healthy inclusion of sprouts,yummy!!

  2. Love that you added beansprouts to it.

  3. Totally love it n can eat everyday if given :) Loved your version here!

  4. this looks healthy and the addition of bean it..

  5. delicious and yummy fried rice, love it..thanks a lot for the sweet comments at my space, glad to follow u..

  6. Thats a healthy one with the additions of lots of veggies.
    Btw, ajwain seeds you can get in small indian shops located everywhere and if you are living near simei or tampanies check in the N2 market(the tamil shop)
    Just check in Ntuc for bishop weed.

  7. Had this yesterday too,best way to finish of leftover rice,quick too.

  8. thanks for this authentic Chinese version! the tips sure are most helpful...feel like tasting some right away

  9. Thanks, folks, for sharing your opinions! :)

  10. delicious looking stir fry following your lovely site nice to meet you

  11. Looks very authentic chinese recipe. love it.

  12. Looks so yum the way you did it

  13. Great one pot meal:-)Looks soo colourful..Healthy indeed:-)
    By the way , i totally njoyed reading ur other blog..:-) My hearty congrats for the wedding..[is it too early?]
    Glad to follow u:-)

  14. Rice look so delicious & glad to find the original recipe...oh I always use onion on it :)
    Thanks for joining with my event & hope your contribution every week when ever possible.....

  15. I love fried rice... so filling and tasty..:) Glad to have connected and now you have a humble follower..:)

  16. Im indonesian and i"m big with fried rice :) i love the idea adding beansprout to it,,yup i never use MSG either !! looks yummy :)

  17. Hi,
    Too good. the tips are useful. Itching to make it soon, after assembling all those items.


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