Saturday, November 12, 2011

Minty Mango Smoothie - Breakfast Drink

Mint has a lot of health benefits in addition to bringing fresh breath and helping in digestion. It relieves cold and flu symptoms. Although consumed in small quantities, the anti-oxidant properties of Pudina helps to protect the body against cancerous cells. So, why not add some fresh mint to ripe mangoes and enjoy delicious smoothies!!!

Minty Mango Smoothy

I Used -

2 Mangoes, Ripe (Medium Sized)
About 12 Mint / Pudina Leaves (Washed)
4 tsp White Sugar
3 tsp  Brown Sugar
A drop of Vanilla Essence
2 cups water / Equivalent Ice cubes

How To -

  • Wash Mangoes, Peel the skin and Cut up the juicy flesh into pieces.
  • Add Mango pieces and Mint leaves in an electric blender and pulse about 3 times.
Mango pieces and Mint leaves in the blender

  • Now, add the Sugars plus a drop of Vanilla and blend well until smooth. 
  • Add 1 cup water first and blend well until everything is incorporated together. Taste the smoothie and judge whether it's sweet enough for you and your family.
  • Adjust sugar and add some ice cubes (or a cup of water) and blend well using your juicer. 

Voilà! Your healthy smoothy is ready! :)

So refreshing!

Note - The final consistency should be kinda thick, like that of a milkshake (although, we don't add any milk here).



  1. Refreshing n healthy drink..I too prepared it with pineapple and added a piece of ginger too,try it that way some time..

  2. yes, Julie...I've had that combination as a mocktail was really refreshing! Should make it next time!

  3. now u r tempting me...but i don't find mangoes in Chennai at this time of the year...waiting for summer...:-))) ginger, mint and combo...Julie thanks for the idea on ginger!


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