Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brown Rice and Apple In Milk - Hearty Breakfast

I was looking for something different to make for breakfast and was also watching out for "attractive" ways to use up my Brown Rice. I came across this recipe and modified it a bit to suit my palate. So, here's what I did. I had a feeling this would taste good and it really did :)

  • I cooked brown rice with milk and water (1 cup rice, 1 cup milk, 1.5 cups water). Remember, how delicious Ven Pongal tastes when you cook rice in milk?  I had pre-soaked brown rice in water, as usual for 2 hours.
  • Then, I melted butter (~2 tsp)on a pan and added chopped apple pieces (from 2 apples) and allowed them to soften a bit. 
  • Drizzled honey over the apples (as a healthy alternative to sugar) and then tossed the rice and apples together.
  • Took a cereal bowl, added some fresh cold milk and added this rice and apple mixture. That's it :) 
 I did everything in the same pan (I used a 28 cm big pan with a glass lid) - first, cooked rice, then, dug a hole and melted butter and sautéed apples and mixed them.

Brown Rice and Caramelized Apple in Milk

Let me warn you, this is not my typical kinda food but it was realllly awesome! You can call it whatever you want - porridge, cereals... what's in a name, after all ? :)  I personally think, this won't go well if you use normal white rice. The nutty texture of brown rice, the caramelized apples and sweetness of honey were just a perfect combination! I was soo full until after 1 in the afternoon that day and felt happy about not succumbing to another cup of tea at 10:30 am :)

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  1. Oh! I bet it is good with brown rice!! and I too love rice cooked with milk!

  2. Yes, the idea is from a traditional South-Indian recipe where we cook rice and lentils in milk and then top it off with butter :)


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