Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back again! This time with a Sweet recipe!

Hello people! A lot of you, my friends have asked me why I had abandoned the blog and wasn't updating with new recipes. Some of you even requested specific recipes and all I could do was to search them from reliable, trustworthy sources (blogs I trust and that I've personally tried from) and point you to them. Yes, time was the issue and over a few months of inactivity, I felt lazy to go back and write long posts, shoot pics as I cook and do a neat post! Totally inexcusable!

Now, it seems like I will manage to find some time again to spend with my dear online cookbook...I don't promise anything about the frequency of posts, but I certainly hope to continue updating the blog with my experiments :-) After all, I really enjoy reading through the old posts myself, so it would be so nostalgic to read something after a couple of years from now and travel back in time. Especially since I write a prelude for every recipe and those are associated with good memories from life at that point in time.

As is conventional in India to begin any good venture on a sweet note, I am going to restart with a Dessert Recipe. You know me well, it will be a super-quick recipe with easy-to-find ingredients and almost no-cooking required! Interested? Watch this space tomorrow :- )

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