Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top 10 Diwali Recipes - Easy Deepavali Sweets and Savories

Here are some Easy Diwali recipes from what I've tried in my kitchen:

The sweets take under 20 minutes, I promise!


No bake brownies!

Easy Peda with Jamun mix!!

               Only 3 major ingredients required! Beginner Recipe!
MaaLaddu - Beginners' sweet

                 Totally addictive Halwa from Palakkad, Kerala.

Vaazhaipazha Halwa

Badam Laddu - no Ghee, no sugar!

                     Foolproof method - Authentic taste without all the sweating

Pal Kova in microwave in just 10 minutes!

                     Rich taste from Dates and Figs yet very low in calories! A great way to make your family   consume some nuts and dry fruits

Little hearts made from rich dry-fruits and healthy oats

  • Chocolate Laddu - an innovative sweet with healthy ingredients. Kids and adults alike will love anything that has chocolate, isn't it? 
Chocolate Ladoo! Yay!!


  • Mullu Murukku or Thenguzhal
    Mullu Murukku is our favorite snack, just like every other fried crunchy stuff that we'd love to munch:) It's popularly known as  'murukku' in Singapore and Malaysia. Makes a perfect Diwali item!

Chivda mixture

So, What are you making this Diwali?


  1. Yes, I found these recipes for diwali so interesting and of course yummy! I want to try those murrukku. I'd want to take abit on those crispy snacks. Thanks for sharing recipes.

    Happy Diwali!
    - Lyn

  2. You have provided a nice collection of Diwali greetings. Happy diwali to you and your family

  3. You have provided a nice collection of Deepavali greetings. Happy deepavali to you and your family..

  4. Perfect diwali dishes. Mouth watery they are. Loved them all. Thank u for the share.


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