Thursday, November 3, 2011

Milk with Palm Sugar Candy/ Jaggery - Masala Milk ~ Great remedy for Cough and Cold

This is not going to be an elaborate post. I'm gonna share a home remedy that my mom gives us when we suffer from cough and cold. It's very simple to prepare and is extremely relieving and soothing to the throat.

Milk with Palm Jaggery

Palm sugar is the main ingredient here. It comes from Palmyra Palm trees.  Here is another useful page on Palm Sugar.

What You Need -

Palm Jaggery (Panam Kalkandu) - about 5 or 6 small candies.
Palm Sugar Candy
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Milk - 1 glass (200 ml)

For Masala Milk, also add -

Dry Ginger (Chukku / Sukku ) - 1/4 inch piece
Pepper corns - 2
Cloves - 2
Cardamom - 2

Blanched almonds (Badam) -  2, chopped into very small pieces

How To -

  • Take a milk pan and boil milk with palm sugar candies and turmeric powder. Add the rest of the ingredients, if you like to, but these two are really vital.

  • You don't need sugar. Palm jaggery is the sweetener here.
  • Stir with a ladle and make sure the palm jaggery mini-rocks are fully dissolved. 
  • Once the milk boils, filter using a tea strainer. This is to make sure the impurities, if any, in the palm sugar are filtered out.
Masala Milk

Milk with Palm Sugar Candies

Drink it when still HOT (Important!) and your throat will thank you (and me!)

You can also eat these candies as such. That's also quite therapeutic, for cough and cold.


  1. Good recipe on healing milk for sore throat..

  2. Lovely recipe..I usually prepare the same for simple cold n sore throat!!

  3. delicious milk! so needed for the rainy days in Chennai now. the flavour of "panam karkandu" is so healthy...

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Masala milk looks delicious. I remember amma making this for me whenever I had cold..

  5. I can sense the flavor. Love this healthy treat.

  6. Nice recipe.Great remedy for cold and cough

  7. ya it is very good for cough & cold.even we can drink this in winter season.

  8. Loved it... very traditional... I love the palm candy flavour..:)

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  10. Its very tasty and delicious and looks absolutely stunning palm sugar randy. Thank you for wonderful Amul butter Article We cooked you your recipe at home and it came out so fantastic with Amul Butter. Thank you for sharing such a lovely recipe, I recommend everyone should try your recipe once.

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  11. Good one Vellam is an Lead a heal of everything..Vellam is molasses made from sugarcane.karupatti is jaggery got from the palmyra tree.

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